Matthew Brown (Matthew C. B. Tsilmigras), Ph.D.


Graduated in 2019

Matthew C. Brown (now Matthew C. B. Tsilmigras) studied physics and mathematics before making the jump into computational biology and metagenomics. During the course of his PhD, he and his father used "applied genomics" to unravel a family tree mystery leading to a name change. His research focuses on the proper statistical treatment of metagenomics data, which tends to be sparse and high-dimensional. In his free time (also plagued by sparsity), he studies machine learning, draws, entertains cats, and is an amateur astronomer. He graduates UNC Charlotte in May 2019 and will then be a National Research Service Award (NRSA) postdoctoral fellow in the Genetic Epidemiology of Heart, Lung, and Blood Traits Program at UNC Chapel Hill.

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